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Guardian Homes

Our Guardian Homes

For the most part, we typically select our guardian home out of our own personal network of family and friends we already know and trust. It makes for a much easier and comfortable screening process for us. However, we do on occasion extend the opportunity to families we don’t know. And there is a rather rigorous screening process when considering those inquiring families to become guardian homes

Options For Our East Coast guardian Homes.

These families agree to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment to our parent dogs. They also take on the responsibility of helping the mom dog through the whelping process as well as raising the puppies.

They will provide either allow for our hired photographer to come take photos or agree to provide updated photos every 3 weeks ( per our pre-established and agreed upon schedule ). 

These families chose the option of having us take the mom dog when she is pregnant, and we take care of the whelping, caring and raising of the puppies, then we return the mom dog to them when she’s no longer nursing her pups.

Those families usually plan their family vacations around the times we will be taking the dog from them, so that they don’t need to make pet sitting arrangements

We keep a very rigorous process to vet guardian home families. If you would like to be considered as a potential guardian home. please view the bellow mentioned preliminary requirements first.

Then contact us VIA EMAIL ONLY at [email protected] with GUARDIAN HOME in the title

Here are just a few preliminary things we require.

  • Must be avid dog lovers
  • Although we might consider a couple that has at least one adult that is not gone most of the day, We prefer that all our guardian homes be families with children, because dogs and /or puppies living with kids are usually far better socialized and get a lot more love and attention
  • Must have previous experience with owning and caring for a dog
  • Must ensure that our dogs will under no circumstance mate with other dogs without our knowledge/ written approval
  • Must be able to willing to provide a safe and nurturing home for the dog
  • We prefer families that live in fenced homes to reduce the chances of a dog getting lost/stolen

Couple or family must be financially able to take care of feeding, entertaining, and have regular routine health check-ups for the dog.


Currently available for Guardian Home opportunity: Sable


Guardian Home Application

1. Contact Info

3. What breed of dog would you most like to be a guardian for? (check all that apply)
4. What gender would you prefer?
6. Are you an adult over the age of 18?
12. How many adults are in your home?
13. How many children under 18 are in your home?
14. Do you live within 45 minutes of Honey Brooke, Pensylvania?
15. If you get a dog while they are still a puppy, Do you understand that training (with any breed of puppy) is important and will be given to the puppy when brought home to help the puppy mature into a well-behaved adult? Training takes a lot of time and effort, are you willing to give that to the puppy and/or possibly pay for puppy classes to help them mature and be socialized correctly?
18. If you have a guardian home female, are you aware that you will be required to relinquish her to us for a period of approx 1 week when she is in heat and 8+ weeks for every litter she has? This could be up to twice a year. Will you and/or your family be emotionally prepared to part with the dog for this length of time? We will do our best to give visitation to guardian family, but do not promise it.
19. If you have a guardian home male, do you realize that you will be required to relinquish him to us for a period of approx. 3-7 days when the female he is needing to breed is in heat?
20. Are you prepared to become a part of the My Puppy Crush Team by helping us with health, coat, and color testing of our dogs? We will occasionally need tests done. Some of them will need to be done at specific vet clinics/locations, others can be done at your local hospital. Others will be sent to you in the mail and you then will be asked to mail them off to the test center. All of these things will be done at the expense of us, the breeder.
21. Are you willing to send us frequent photos, videos, and text updates on the dog and its health, temperament, and coat? We love getting updates on our dogs!
22. If you have a breeding female, are you prepared to handle her heat cycles? We are here to help when the time comes, but do you have any knowledge of the process? It can be messy sometimes, and we just want you to be aware before committing!
23. If you have a breeding male, are you aware that he may have issues with humping and/or marking? This does not always happen, but we want potential guardians to to be aware of the possibility.
24. Are you willing to relinquish any and all decisions on the breeding life of the dog to us? Our guardians are important to us and we appreciate their interest in breeding. However, we want our guardians to be able to trust us to always make the right decision for the dog and it's health and well-being.
25. Please be aware that many people are opposed to breeding dogs in general. Are you prepared to defend your dog and/or our program to other who may disagree with breeding?

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