We are always happy when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies. Read what some of our customers have to say about their My Doodle Crush Doodles!

Ronit S. From Miami Beach Florida

We have gotten so many ADORABLE pictures from Ronit and her family since left My Puppy Crush. Colby is living an amazing life by the water in Miami Beach Florida.

“…He is my little crazy baby, adorable! He is good with me.”

Ronit S.

-New Jersey Client

“So many people have been asking about my puppy, so I send them your # :)”


Thank you for the referrals!🙏🙏😊🥰

From a family in Montreal Canada

“We love her so much! She’s an amazing dog. RV trip was great. I bought a grass pad tray from Amazon and trained her before we left and that’s where she did her business the entire trip. Had a tarp with a dog blanket over that outside with an octagon pen (no getting on the ground) and she was so happy!!! And might I add she was the talk of the RV park. People stopped just to see her. She was also happy to be home and run around the back yard.”

Brody the Bernedoodle in Denver Co

Thanks for sharing Debra!

“Hello Ryan I thought you would like to see a recent picture of Brody. Wonderful dog. Thank you!…”

Cute Diasy F1b Mini Red Goldendoodle

Ryan and Kate were a pleasure to deal with from the first contact through after receiving our gorgeous puppy, Spencer. Several people have said things like, “That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen” and “Is that a REAL dog?” Our vet saw Spencer a day and a half after we got him and she: (1) said he is very well-socialized, you can tell the people who raised him really spent time with him and cared for him; (2) did the health tests and he was negative for any health issues (no giardia). She came again today to see him and she confirmed he is such a sweet puppy and she believes he is having a calming effect on our other dog, Newman, a Vizsla. Spencer loves Newman and wants to do everything he does. Newman seemed a bit annoyed at first, but he quickly started playing with Spencer, and they play and lounge together. We are super happy to have Spencer as our newest family member!

Licia V.

Just wanted to give you an update on Stella (socks)! She has been an absolute godsend and I could not have asked for a better companion! She is a healthy girl that is now 12 lbs, her white paw is a huge hit and has been growing with her so it’s still very visible. She loves playing fetch, dancing to music, socializing, playing soccer, cuddling, hopping around like a bunny, going on road trips, and absolutely LOVES the beach! Here are some photos of her that I thought I would share with you! Thank you again for giving me the absolute best friend I could ever have!

Aspen K.

“Already have my pal!”

Wayne Orange County California

Gorgeous Standard Goldendoodle from 2 years ago 🥰

-“2 years old at 60lb Zayn
Thank you it’s the best dog”

– Wayne from Orange County

“We are home and happy! Thanks everyone for your amazing help yesterday. She
is the sweetest pup”

-Abigal Flight (Nanny experience from Philadelphia)

Kevin with Girl Olive Mini Bernedoodle Virginia Beach

-Ryan – Just wanted to let you know Olive (kept the name u gave her) is doing great and acclimating well to the beach life.

-Kevin, Virginia Beach

“Hey Ryan Lola “girl white” is home! Thank you!”

-Girl White Buyer New Jersey

  1. Hanging out by the pool! 🙂



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